Leasing and Management

Leasing and Management

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Value creation is central to each leasing & management strategy that is implemented by Rodos. Our uncompromising attention to the market position and investment profile optimizes the value of the assets through the targeted holding period.  Additionally, increasing pressure on the revenue potential of real estate has placed far greater demands on operating efficiencies.

Rodos is acutely aware of making decisions with alacrity and thereby responding decisively to opportunities in the marketplace. Rodos sets realistic yet challenging goals for each Real Estate asset in its portfolio.

With Rodos focusing clearly on enhancing value, our properties are operated with institutional standards and entrepreneurial skills. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, Rodos development capabilities in concert with management, operations, and leasing services, uniquely provide a seamless process to our capital partners and third party owners of properties in need of renovation, re-development, adaptive reuse or turn around expertise.

For more information please call Steven Franco at: (850) 585-0398